Let’s face it.  We all receive far too many emails. Our inboxes are virtually overflowing with messages. It’s important to us that you understand how we acquire and use email addresses and, how you can easily remove your name and address from our distribution list.

Why am I getting email from you?

If you received an email from Lwin, Ellis & Associates and are uncertain how we obtained your email address, the following is a list of the marketing channels we use to obtain email addresses:

  1. You are a current or past client of ours;
  2. You opted in to receive email from this website;
  3. You provided your contact information by business cards, email correspondence, or verbally to an associate or other representative of Lwin, Ellis & Associates for the intent of communicating with you;
  4. You attended an event, webinar, seminar, or training program that was hosted, sponsored or facilitated in part or in whole by us;
  5. You are a member of a professional association and opted in to receive information from third-party affiliates.

How do you use my name and email address?

From time to time, we will send emails to inform recipients of new articles posted on our website blog; notices of planned events such as webinars, speaking engagements, training programs, and professional networking opportunities that we are either hosting, sponsoring or facilitating; or (3) promotions or sales. For more information, please see our privacy statement.

How do I remove my information from your mailing lists?

If you wish to opt-out of receiving future emails from LEA, please click the “unsubscribe from this list” link at the bottom of any email sent from us. If you wish to update your contact information, click the “update your preferences” link, also found at the bottom of any email sent.