Michelle Moyer

Michelle is a seasoned Human Resources Consultant and has provided consulting services to more than three dozen organizations.  These include associations and non-profits as well as for-profit and government contractors.

Her primary area of focus is the analytical side of Human Resources.  She  enjoys demystifying the numerical analysis in order for clients to better understand the information and develop and implement sound HR programs. She has done extensive work in the  development of compensation programs and affirmative action plans.  Her  projects have included design and documentation of job content, job evaluations, salary program analysis and design, use of survey data, performance appraisal and reward management, incentive compensation, employee survey analysis, affirmative action plan development, organizational planning, and related matters.

In addition to the analysis aspect of the work, Michelle has been involved with management briefings, training, and employee communications. Michelle has her undergraduate degree and an MBA from Virginia Tech.